"She keeps a lock of hair in her pocket.
She wears a cross around her neck.
Yes the hair is from a little boy,
And the cross from someone she has not met, well, not yet" She Talks to Angels- Black Crowes 

Rockin the Health Industry for 20 Years

So how and why do I do what I do? 

​My son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. 

If you know anything about autism, you know it is a spectrum disorder. Many kids are mildly effected, others severe. I would say my son was closer to severe. However, with immediate action, I was able to find methods to reverse his label. 

It was evident he was not born this way. For 2 years we had a beautiful healthy baby boy, who was developing perfectly! 

Then something went wrong. Something stole his soul in the night. 

I won't get into those dirty details, but if you hang on just a little bit longer you can read it in the book I have coming out. ( Father Sky, Mother Earth and the Dave Matthews Band) 

What I want you to know NOW, is that healing can happen. It is not just about our kids, it is about our own broken hearts and traumas. 

I believe life was meant to live in joy. Our Creator made us perfect, but as humans we tend to mess it up. 

With the wisdom of Mother Earth and Universal Intelligence the body's immune system can be restored. When we connect to Mother Earth's foods and medicine we increase our human energy field. When we tap into Universal Intelligence we acquire the wisdom to make better choices. We are actually guided by outer forces that want the best for us. You can call it God, Source, Creator, angels whatever, but science now shows everything is vibrational frequency and there are frequncies we can not see, hear or touch with our 5 senses. 

Everything we need is below us, above us and in us. Oh and this includes music. Music has been known throughout the centuries to rejuvenate, heal and release. You cannot deny the fact that you too have been moved by a song, melody or composition. Research shows music effects hormones, brain patterns and energy fields. 

I am not a music therapist or even a musician, but I can attest to the fact that music has come to my rescue in tough times. It has drawn my son out of his own little world. I highly encourage dancing, singing, chanting or just zoning out to some tunes. It can be classical, rock and roll, country, jazz, etc. . it all depends on what moves you. Even a sad song can have its benefits if it forces you to cry (release) 

Due to the miracles I have seen, not only in my son, but within myself, I decided to become a Holistic Health Counselor. specializing in Nutrition and Energy Medicine. Our bodies first need to detox, eliminate the garbage. (and this includes emotions and patterns trapped in the subconscious)  We then renew the body with good foods and positive thought waves. 

Sometimes people cannot begin a health regime however, without first having some sort of emotional blockages removed. I do this through Integrated Energy Therapy and Theta Healing. I also like to use essential oils and magnets. I may even suggest some homeopathic remedies, 

I have helped many people overcome acute and chronic health issues. Many of my clients come to me simply for personal growth. They want more in their lives, because they innately know they are worthy of more. Abundance in all areas IS POSSIBLE. 

I often see relationships heal, businesses soar, pains disaapear. Energy healing is beyond what we have ever been taught. And remember what we surround ourselves with and put in our bodies is energy. You want your 'sources" to be of a high vibration. This includes your foods, supplements, body products, music, nature and more...

With the ability to tap into Universal Intelligence and the Human Energy Fields, I am guided to work on the areas they are having the most problems with. Not only does your body talk to me, but I like to say the angels do too. 

The results are truly profound and immediate. 

Although healing the whole body doesn't happen overnight, releasing trapped emotions and negative beliefs is the first place to start, Many people ask me how many sessions does it take. That is up to you, although I would suggest a few. I am not a Healer nor a doctor. With the right tools and information, your own body and spirit does the real healing.  My goal is not to have you as a life long client  I pefer to teach people how to work on themselves. I do offer classes, on some subjects, so you may want to join my email list for those.

We truly do possess the power to overcome many challenges. It is up to YOU to take back your life. 

Dotty "Thea" Williams


Bachelors in Metaphysical Science from Sedona University
Holistic Health Practitioner
Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy from
The Center of Being, New York 
Theta Healer, Stuart Florida
Essential Oil Consultant 

"After a session with Thea I feel more relaxed, uplifted and positive. She helped me to realize what I was really yearning for and my business has soared.      

    Tom Zaimes,

Mortgage Broker, Speaker 

"What a beautiful experience. She meets you energistically and addresses what is necessary for healing at the time. After releasing negative emotions she can get to ther real core issues. Her work is amazing. Imagine if Western Medicine were trained in practice this holistic art" 

I had the most wonderful class from Thea Williams. She was concise clear and patient with a lot of humor thrown in which made her class very informative, fun and creative. Thank you for a wonderful experience in helping me grow to be all I can be.

Linda Lee


Thea is truly one of the good guys With so much need for healing in our world, I’m truly grateful for her.

I’ve worked with Thea in releasing some of my own toxic sludge and have experienced amazing results in the process. I’m honored to call her my teacher and my friend.

Rock On!

Greg Boudle

Recovery Life Coach, Author and Speaker 


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