Money, Sex and the Chakras

Saturday, July 29th

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

So....Honestly, how does that picture make you feel? Was your first thought, "That's disgusting?"  Did you have a shocked response? 

Perhaps you felt a but excited or perhaps deprived? 

Rolling around naked in dough may subconsciously trigger words and emotions you were programmed to believe, but for just a few seconds, imagine that was YOU, No really think about it, see it, feel it. 

Now how do you feel?. 

Pretty darn good I bet. 

Why/ Because intimacy, sex and love are GOOD.

Abundance and prosperity are GOOD. 

We have just been told a bag of bull

Not only does your thoughts about sex and money lie in your mind, it also lies in your tissues and energy fields. Some of these energy fileds are called chakras and they run along your spine. If these chakras are closed or not being nourished, flow will be stagnate.

When it comes to money and sex, we are concerning ourselves with the root and sacral chakras.

So how do we get these babies in harmony? 

This 3 hour workshop (Ladies only) will teach you why sex and money go hand in hand. INo pun intended) In other words why are sexy self confident woman often wealthy? The same goes for men. There is a connection and it isn't necessarily greed and ego. It is power. The power to CREATE. 

Our sacral chakra is where our sex organs lie, our source of creation (reproduction) It is also our joy center. the place that lights up when we are having fun

Our root chakra is where we connect to Mother Earth. and her resources. In today's society money is a resource. Back in the day when men and women, hunted and gathered, it was the strong man who would bag a deer.that got the ladies. 

With some tools and tips along with meditation and exercise, you can expand these chakras, The results will be your ability to attract more abundance in your life, including joyful and playful sex. 

Life is short and if you aren't rolling in the hay feeling sexy, you need this class. 

Don't let guilt or shame keep you from experiencing pleasure. 

Event to be held at

Terraces on the Square

2059 SE Hillmoor Dr. 
Port St Lucie, Fl. 34952 

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Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  

(772) 284-6442

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