"Lately I've been feeling low.

A remedy is what I'm seeking
Take a taste of what's below.

Come away to something better"

Dave Matthews 

The best medicine comes from above and below. When we connect to our Source and use all that Earth provides, we become whole and healed. 

I will be adding more products in time. I only promote what I have researched and feel is top quality. 

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This page is where I promote high vibrational health products, but please feel free to explore the whole, dynamic site. 

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"After a session with Thea I feel more relaxed, uplifted and positive. She helped me to realize what I was really yearning for and my business has soared.      

    Tom Zaimes,

Mortgage Broker, Speaker 

"What a beautiful experience. She meets you energistically and addresses what is necessary for healing at the time. After releasing negative emotions she can get to ther real core issues. Her work is amazing. Imagine if Western Medicine were trained in practice this holistic art" 

I had the most wonderful class from Thea Williams. She was concise clear and patient with a lot of humor thrown in which made her class very informative, fun and creative. Thank you for a wonderful experience in helping me grow to be all I can be.

Linda Lee


Thea is truly one of the good guys With so much need for healing in our world, I’m truly grateful for her.

I’ve worked with Thea in releasing some of my own toxic sludge and have experienced amazing results in the process. I’m honored to call her my teacher and my friend.

Rock On!

Greg Boudle

Recovery Life Coach, Author and Speaker 


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