Forget about the reasons and
the treasons we are seeking.
Forget about the notion

that your emotions can be
wept away, kept at bay
Forget about being guilty,

I am innocent instead...Dave Matthews 


Don't give up

'Cause I believe there's a place.
There's a place

where we belong...Peter Gabriel 


Have you ever experienced a viral illness? 

What oftens happens is you will sweat, obtain a high fever, and perhaps a rash. Vomiting and diarrhea can also occur. Sounds gross, but it is necessary. Your body is smart and contains mechanisms to remove the virus (or bacteria) 

If the virus is not removed or suppressed, it will lie dormant sometimes for years, until something triggers it. Generally an overload of some sort. A virus that takes up residence in your body will eventually be detected by your inteligent immume system and asked to leave. However, like any long term resident, it isn't easy. So the body fights and fights, literally attacking itself. Voila, You now have an auto-immune dis-ease.

Emotions work the same way. When we are hurt or experience trauma it must be released  in a healthy supportive environent. Expressing ourselves to others is best but instead we squeeze them down deep into our tissues and toughen up.

"Don't let them see you cry, Be Strong"

"Don't burden others with your problems"

"No one really cares"

"Who am I to complain, others have it so much harder and I should be grateful." 
Have you told yourself any of those? 

Neuroscientist, Dr. Candace Pert  states, "when emotions are expressed-which is to say that the biochemicals that are the substrate of an emotion are flowing freely-all systems are united and made whole. When emotions are suppressed or denied, our network pathways get blocked, stopping the flow of vital feel good chemicals that run both our biology and our behavior" 

These thoughts  enter your subconscious, now creating a limited belief and effecting your future behavior. 

One needs to be careful as to what they are putting or has been put into their mind. The cells hold memories. If you subconsciously feel unworthy or unloved (no matter how many affirmations or vision boards you have) you will attract more of what you feel you deserve. And of course, the more "negative stuff"  that comes into your life, the more it will seal the subconscious deal..

"I don't deserve good things" ie relationships, health, abundance. 

"I am a bad person"

"This must be my karma" 

"Of course this happened to me, it runs in my family"

And speaking of running in your family. You are right, because the cells hold memory in the DNA, you may just be carrying your grandma's past. 

A 2013 study from Emory University found that  mice trained to fear a specific odor would pass their emotions on to their offspring and future generations. Scientists applied electric shocks to mice as they exposed them to the smell of cherry blossoms. The mice then bred, and both the children and grandchildren of the affected rodents demonstrated a fear of cherry blossoms the first time they smelled them.

“Our results allow us to appreciate how the experiences of a parent, before even conceiving offspring, markedly influence both structure and function in the nervous system of subsequent generations,” Dr. Brian Dias of the Emory University states,“Such a phenomenon may contribute to the etiology and potential intergenerational transmission of risk for neuropsychiatric disorders such as phobias, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Can this be why you have addictive behaviors or an underlyinjg unexplainable fear of spiders? 

The study went beyond just observing a fear reaction. Scientists actually looked at the brains of the animals and found physical changes. Metabolism and cortisol levels were effected as well. Perhaps your ability to deal with stress stems from traumas such as The Great Depression, the Holocaust or some kind of abuse that your grandparents experienced. 

Summary: Your Emotions are making you SICK, Blocking you from your JOY and your SOUL'S Calling. 

However, we aren't doomed. Today there are many options to rewiring your brain, change your DNA, release toxic emotions, and more. 

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"After a session with Thea I feel more relaxed, uplifted and positive. She helped me to realize what I was really yearning for and my business has soared.      

    Tom Zaimes,

Mortgage Broker, Speaker 

"What a beautiful experience. She meets you energistically and addresses what is necessary for healing at the time. After releasing negative emotions she can get to ther real core issues. Her work is amazing. Imagine if Western Medicine were trained in practice this holistic art" 

I had the most wonderful class from Thea Williams. She was concise clear and patient with a lot of humor thrown in which made her class very informative, fun and creative. Thank you for a wonderful experience in helping me grow to be all I can be.

Linda Lee

Thea is truly one of the good guys With so much need for healing in our world, I’m truly grateful for her.

I’ve worked with Thea in releasing some of my own toxic sludge and have experienced amazing results in the process. I’m honored to call her my teacher and my friend.

Rock On!

Greg Boudle

Recovery Life Coach, Author and Speaker

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