Emotional Release Sessions
and Subconscious Work 


Theta Reading
 Advanced Integrated Energy Session
Magnet Therapy 
This session runs up to 2 hours. You will be emailed a summary of the session, as a lot will be covered
Follow up sessions (1 hour)   $100.00.
Make a commitment to yourself
4 session discount
$360.00  (save $100) 
Must be paid in advance 
Advanced Integrated Energy Session 
with oils and magnets 
Remote Sessions
Intuitive  Reading 
$85.00  per hour 
Reading and
Integrated Energy Session
" I have tried many different therapies, and I.E.T is by far the best. The energy was intense. The releases were immediate" 
Justin Gelfond, photogropher

 772 284-6442 to schedule

All sessions include email with notes  

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Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  

(772) 284-6442

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