Get More Love

This is the day when most people think of love. Some of us are blessed with a spouse or lover, while others are quite satisfied being single. Some of us have the magnificent love of a child, or the sweetness of a cherished pet. There are many of us that feel love when we sing, or garden or chat with a neighbor. Whatever it is, you know the feeling. It is peaceful, blissful and full of gratitude. Love is not anger or resentment, although sometimes those feelings may tag along when we are hurt by someone we love, or lose a loved one. However, unconditional love lasts an eternity and nothing can break that bond. You may be questioning that thought, but it is true and I will prove it to you. Think of someone or something that hurt you. Reflect back on a moment or person that caused you grief. Now take a deep breath in. I mean really deep breath, like an 8 counter, and then release. Really let go of that breath and then do it again. Now place your hand on your heart. Think of a higher source coming in and filling your heart center with love, pure love. Love for yourself, love for your gifts. Remember deep breaths in, and release. Just sit for a moment in that happy place fulling soaking up the love that is in the universe for YOU, the abundance that you possess. Think green grass, and sunny days. Deep breathes in as you appreciate the warm feelings. Slowly move your hands away from your heart center as if you were pulling out a cord, Send that energy cord out into the room, Do it again, slowly. Now with your hand placed gently back on your heart center, think quickly about that moment of pain, or hurt. I bet it doesn’t hurt so much anymore. WHY, because the heart is unconditional love and you can not nurture the heart and have negative feelings at the same time. Give your heart and soul, what it deserves, unconditional love for YOURSELF first! Namaste!

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