Spiritual Chaos?

Spiritual Chaos

Have you been told you are a light worker, or do you even know what that means? It is the new phrase, I believe, for spiritual seekers who use their gifts to help heal the planet.

Generally, they are people who express an inner light. It is a person that deeply cares about others and shows it in their actions or perhaps just in their smiles. A light worker will touch people in a way that just being in their presence feels good. Maybe they make you laugh or they offer a kind word or an uplifting message. Light workers are popping up all over the place now. We have a new generation of souls coming in that are much more in tune with the vibrations of the planet, of the inner and outer frequencies. Some of the older souls are just realizing they have had a gift, (super power) all their lives but were being suppressed. Now that the Earth’s resonance is increasing, it is pretty hard to ignore these sensations, visions. For me, I get messages in my body and my mind’s ears. In other words, I can feel people’s emotions and thoughts at times. I can hear Spirit telling me something about them. It is pretty cool at times, especially when I am doing a session on a client, but the downside is being in crowds can be overwhelming. Lightworkers begin to avoid loud places. We can’t tolerate traffic or big cities. I suppose that is why the sages, hide in caves?

Does some of this resonate with you? Are you beginning to notice your emotions are all over the place and sometimes for no conscious reason? Are you feeling down and do not understand why?

The world is in chaos right now. I don’t think I need to explain. But chaos brings awareness. When you walk around numb to it all, you can’t change it, because you simply have no clue. We are trained to get up and go to work every day at our 9-5 jobs. We come home, make a quick dinner and plop in front of the boob tube or computer. Sure it may not be exactly like that for you, but you get my point. There is so much hum drum and habit.

Lately, every person that I speak with in my circle is discussing the same thing.:Spiritual Choas. Things are shifting, mass changes are stirring. This is why we are all over the place, up and down and all around, spinning faster than the stars in the galaxy. Our sleep patterns are off.We feel drained one day and off the charts with glee another.

Any of this sound familiar? We are all empaths. In other words we are all connected and feel each other, it just so happens that NOW the veils are being lifted and our shields are coming down. We intuitively know, something is going on!!

Some other symptoms you may be experiencing:

A desire to be outside in nature

Digestive issues as you become more sensitive to foods

A strong Interest in metaphysical science, activities and places.

Synchronicities occurring more often

Heightened intuition

If you are experiencing any or all of these things, then welcome to the world of light. You can choose to ignore it or embrace it. Change is scary, I know. The unknown can be frightening. But the true treasures in life are on the other side of the dark cave. Trust me, once you go through it, you will be mesmerized by the beauty and it’s empowerment that you feel.

Do something different today. Do something that scares you. Talk to a stranger. Go for a walk. Pick up a new book. Take a class.

I am currently offering 3 classes. One is online at http://the-transcend-academy.thinkific.com/

That one is pretty cool and a good place to start. Waking Up the Chakras with Essential Oils and Foods.

Oils and Foods are from our Earth Mother and full of high vibrational frequencies. This is one of the easiest changes you can make in your life. I mean you have to eat anyway, You might as well be eating the foods that align with your personality. And oils? Well who doesn’t love essential oils? There is a reason they are becoming so popular. They work. And it isn’t new age stuff. The use of oils dates back thousands of years.

Take the online course at your own pace. You will learn stuff about yourself in this one, I promise.

I will also be presenting at Nutrition S’Mart in Port St Lucie, this Monday the 12th. I will be discussing the Pineal Gland: The history, the powers and optimizing this sacred gland.

Then from June 24th- the 26th I will be offering certified training in Integrated Energy Therapy. All I can say is WOW, to this one. This hands-on modality changed my life in so many profound ways. If you are ready for some powerful tools that will take your mind, body and spirit to new heights, then this is the one for you. You can take one class or all three. Either way, I promise you will be hooked. During the training, students work on each other, so even if you do not plan on using it in your life, at least you will get a mind blowing session.

You can check that out at www.Hearltinked.org

So come join the Light worker party. We are patiently awaiting your arrival to help bring in this new world; a world full of love and infinite possibilities.

Dotty Thea Williams-Scalc0, B. Msc.

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